Website Onboarding Form

On this form you will be able to add all the relevant content you want displayed on your website. We have added the standard pages however if you have requested other pages, please stipulate in "other".

If you have a lot of images, please use Dropbox or WeTransfer to send them to us. All images should not be larger than 1MB and dimensions need to be no bigger than 1980 x 800.

If you have opted to have a shop page, please upload your completed product sheet now.

If you have not already downloaded an example of a product sheet, please click on the link here: Example shop spreadsheet to download it. You will need to complete this and send it back to us. The spreadsheet columns must never be changed, only add your product information to the sheet. There will be dummy data for you to see what it must look like. Once complete then upload it here or email it to us.

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