We offer the highest level of administrative assistant services from a remote location, building long-term relationships with our customers and clients.

We provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology and to handle a wide range of tasks with a level of professionalism and trust that is hard to come by in today’s world.

Standard Services: All the daily stuff you know you can do yourself, get down to doing the stuff you do best and brings in the money and let us take care of the rest.

Our Standard Services include:

  • Sorting receipts & Data capturing
  • Typing services & Filing
  • Scanning & Completing forms (e.g. tenders or credit applications)
  • E-mail screening & Sending SMS’s (e.g. birthdays or appointment reminders)
  • Personal Reminders (e.g. License renewal or anniversaries)
  • Travel arrangements & Diary management
  • Phone answering & Follow up work (e.g. phoning the TV company or getting RSVP’s)
  • Maintenance of Regulatory body memberships
  • Sending newsletters & Social network posts
  • Draft comparative quotes & Internet-based research (like holiday destinations, office equipment)

Personal Services: Gone are the days when only Executes had personal assistants. With more and more individuals working from home and conducting highly productive lives, personal assistants now also help these persons keep ahead of their lives, even better if these assistants are virtual so as not to create the need for office space.

Our Personal Services include:

A Virtual Admin Assistant can help you with these and much more. Have a look below:

  • Arrange a shuttle or taxi service for your trips home from the airport
  • Compare pricing of hotels for your next holiday
  • Find a dog-friendly hotel for your upcoming trip
  • Find the closest place to renew and acquire passports
  • Keep you updated on affordable travel deals to your favorite destinations
  • Place and manage online orders on your behalf
  • Schedule appliance repair or maintenance visits
  • Schedule dentist, doctor and haircut appointments
  • Contact hotels to confirm your trip
  • Manage your airline miles